Hi there,

Thanks for stopping by. My name is Julie (Marie) Brown. I tell stories.

I'll start with mine: 

My dad met my mom at a ski resort in Northern California. That's important because my parents taught me how to ski shortly after I learned to walk, instilling in me a passion that continues to be one of my greatest sources of joy. Skiing led to my current position as Managing Editor at POWDER, the Skier's Magazine.

But that's only the half of it.

I am a content strategist and manager with strong writing, research, editing, and multimedia skills developed over nine years working in journalism. I have a Masters in Journalism from U.C. Berkeley, and a Bachelors from U.C. San Diego. In addition to POWDER, my work has been published in the Sierra Sun, Moonshine Ink, Tahoe Quarterly, Adventure Sports Journal, Richmond Confidential, SF Gate, and ESPN. Here is my résumé and my LinkedIn.

Now, what can I do for you? 

I want to help others tell their stories, through a piece of journalism, writing copy and social media, or consulting on content direction and creation. For any questions or to simply chat and introduce yourself, please send me an email: Julie Marie Brown at Gmail dot com.

PHOTO: Keith Carlsen/KeithCarlsen.com

PHOTO: Keith Carlsen/KeithCarlsen.com

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