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Save Our Food, Save the World!

It started with mychorrhizal fungi. Truckee resident Susie Sutphin was reading a 2008 interview on Grist with Timothy LaSalle, the executive director of the Rodale Institute (a nonprofit dedicated to pioneering organic farming), who spoke of the carbon-storing fungus as a solution to climate change, when she had an epiphany. Right then and there, Sutphin knew that she had to quit her job and embark on a quest to discover, experience, and study our food system.

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On the Road: Dead Winter Carpenters represent Tahoe's music scene across the country

After some 60 hours driving across the country and back in a 15-passenger van — which is affectionately named Willy, is stamped with a Keep Tahoe Bluegrass sticker, and has something like 300,000-plus miles logged on its odometer — the five musicians of the Dead Winter Carpenters had a day off. And by day off, I mean they had the afternoon booked with this interview and rehearsal afterwards.

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Drink Local

The first time I visited the Truckee River Winery it was snowing. A late May storm had blown in as we walked up the brick path leading to the winery's cherry-red barn, which was built in 1968 on South River Street in downtown Truckee. A few inches of snow cloaked the barn's shoulders and dusted the naked apple and aspen trees out front. Young vines recently planted by the Truckee River Winery were still enduring the record snow and icy temperatures of one of the area's longest winters. It's no wonder they call themselves 'the highest and coldest winery.'

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A Mural Says A Thousand Words

John Pugh's workday starts when everyone else goes to sleep. The internationally recognized mural artist prefers to paint at night when, as he says, the creative juices run freely. 'You start getting into the flow more,' Pugh said. 'And when I get into the flow, I want to take advantage of that.' Perched on scaffolding in his Glenshire studio, a soundtrack of ambient or classical music filling the room, Pugh often paints the night away, stopping only when the first blush of pink dawn hits the morning sky.

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