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Pay It Forward: Amy Stevens

Crested Butte’s Amy Stevens, 33, lives life with grace. Maybe she learned that in her early days as a dancer in high school. While she does not dance competitively any more, she’s applied a graceful approach to life through the highest and the lowest of times. Read on for stories about a life-threatening fall, recovery, learning how to tele ski, running a hostel out of your house, and finding the freedom to live life how you want to.

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Interview: Sweetgrass Productions on Lighting Up a Mountain

Sweetgrass Productions shot their first night segment in Japan five years ago for their film Signatures. Like a lot of night segments, the terrain was low angle and the shots focused on small features. But the seed was planted, and ever since, they’ve been staring at bigger terrain, wondering how they could light up a huge mountain face riddled with spines in a place like Alaska.

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Pay It Forward: Michele Manning

Michele Manning ends every sentence with a contagious giggle. Driving home from Leavenworth, Washington, after celebrating her 33rd birthday, Manning, originally from Salt Lake City, Utah, pulled off the freeway somewhere in Oregon to give me a call before she lost cell-phone service on the roads winding high up to the Cascades. Bright, loud bursts of laughter littered our conversation. Karl Kelley said it first when he recommended I speak with Manning next. A lover of the mountains and former competitor on the Freeskiing World Tour, she bounces from place to place, driven by a desire to meet new people and live among snow-covered volcanoes and peaks in the Pacific Northwest, Alaska, and Utah. Here’s her story:

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Pay It Forward: Karl Kelley

Karl Kelley, 47, a chef by profession, has cooked his way through ski towns across North America—Crested Butte, Tahoe, Crystal, Taos, Salt Lake, B.C., the Sawtooths. A climber in the offseason (he just wrote and published a climbing guide, High On Moab), Kelley takes three months off every winter to hit the skin track and farm fresh turns in the backcountry with his wife. Read on for tales from the kitchen at Alta’s Peruvian Lodge, how to get married in Alaska, and some advice on pursuing a lifelong love with the love of your life.

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Pay It Forward: Happy Hyper Hugh

As skiers, we make friends easily. We all share the same mind, the same values, the same stoke. We ski together, drink together, and sleep on each other’s couches. We all know each other.

In that vein, I’m starting an interview series. My aim is to find the guy or girl in every single ski town, everywhere. And the next guy, and the next girl after that. The catch: Each person I interview will recommend the person I talk to next. It’s a journey. We’ll see where it takes us.

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The Last of the Glove Cutters

Without debate, Hestra makes one of the finest gloves in skiing. The soft leather, the mitten design, the warm interior—they’re a bit pricey, but it’s well known that a pair of Hestra gloves pay back on your investment with hours of precious skiing in the elements, skiing you might have missed out on because of cold hands.

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