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One Woman Is Featured in the Photo Annual

Every year, the Photo Annual strives to display the very best ski photography in the world, with integrity to composition, light, authenticity, snow, and action. It is the culmination of a year’s worth of effort, from when photographers and skiers set out to create their art, to the months of collecting, sorting, curating, and editing photos internally. Photographers submitted thou sands of images to the magazine this year; out of those, we published 24 photos in this issue that represent the top tier of ability in photography and skiing. Only one featured a woman. And only one was taken by a female photographer.

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All That Came Before

The room was drab, lit with fluorescent bulbs, and it smelled like my grandmother’s attic. But the vintage ski clothes that hung on the circular metal racks were glamorous: pleated wool pants with stirrups; sweaters with geometric Nordic patterns; Bogner one-pieces with cinch belts, shiny buckles, shoulder pads, and tapered legs. A cardboard box held old goggles that looked more appropriate for scuba diving than for skiing. And fur—some of it faux, a lot of it real. 

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Against All Reason

It’s snowing. Daylight is hardly ever brighter than dawn. The overcast sky is the color of ashes, which exaggerates the deep greens, blacks, and browns of the forest. Fast, low clouds have seized the mountains, blocked the sun’s light and warmth, and are emptying a current of white upon the earth. A web of frost splinters from the corner of the window. I can see my breath. 

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